PLAY // Product Launch & Event

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Last Saturday we launched our new product line with an event for the whole family. PLAY.
Our goal was to not only share our updated pixie camera [fresh colors, new view finder] and the new instamatic camera [inspired by the 60's classic kodak camera] but to share why we started TWIG in the first place. That reason being, we wanted to create something that would inspire our children to get out from behind a screen and be active; mentally, physically, and socially.

Just when we think we've mastered our toy cameras, we get inspired by surroundings, your requests, and old classics. So, we worked really hard to take all suggestions and improve our pixie camera as well as put out something new. Adding a view finder has been a frequent request and the rotating eye hole on the new pixie and the colored filters on the instamatic camera seem to accomplish that want.

Our event took place at the Startup Building and was the perfect backdrop for our woodsy theme. Four stations were set up for families to rotate amongst and join in various activities. A reading nook and photo booth were ready for the kiddos in between projects, not to mention drinks and cupcakes provided by One Sweet Slice. The first and messiest station was ours, raw cameras lined up and ready to be painted in any way the littles desired. The best part was watching mom's cringe as their children gooped blobs of paint onto the beautiful wood! They all turned out awesome and allowing the kids creative freedom was our hope for the entire day. The three other stations were provided by Merrilee of Mer Mag who supplied custom stamp art, Lisa of Light & Ink who supplied tree stump rubbings, and Alma, Mike, & Melanie of The Caravan Shoppe who supplied colorable and foldable paper cameras. Every station was a huge and complete hit! We can't thank these talented people who we admire enough, they put thought and heart into their stations and it showed.

The best part of the day was hearing and seeing a bunch of kids enjoying themselves, smiling the biggest smiles, and doing something interactive and out of the norm with their families. It was a day to remember and the best beginning to a new year of TWIG.

Special thanks to Becky Kimball for documenting the day and Marta of Marta Writes for providing signage for the event.

*Feel free to snag and share photos but please credit Becky Kimball Photography.

Year Two & Even Better // Alt Summit

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The last few months of 2013 and going on into this year have been a time of meeting for me. I've met so many of the people who I've admired & followed for years and years, never actually thinking I would have the opportunity to talk in person. It's an awesome feeling. Attending Alt Summit last month, for my second year continued that trail of meeting.

A favorite photo of hallway chat with some of my favorite ladies
Alt last year was a whirlwind and was more about soaking everything up whereas this year, it was all about connecting and networking. This year's experience was definitely more enjoyable than last. I was more calm and confident, our business has expanded and I feel more experienced, and I had a good circle of friends to enjoy it with. I was happy to lead a round table with the topic "how to utilize the blogging community to grow your shop." There was a great little small business community in attendance and I loved sharing our business experiences as well as learning from so many of them. I left my round table each day feeling inspired and enthused about this crazy small business life we lead!

There is an exciting vibe at Alt, you leave a panel, you walk out into the hallway and you are hit with a rush of happy stylish people, talking, enveloped in social media while walking, and visiting sponsors and booths along the way. I found myself walking in and out of various panels, catching bits & pieces but more so wanting to chat and connect with people. That's most possibly the best part about Alt, you not only get to rub shoulders with so many talented and knowledgable people, but you realize that you are in a room full of your kind. Everyone is hooked to their phones, multi-tasking while listening and taking notes, answering emails, tweeting, instagramming, etc. No one is offended, everyone understands how we do, and why we do. You realize that we're all running off of ideas and creativity and making a unique life from it. You realize that some have celebrity crushes and you have blogger crushes. But that also, those blog crushes are actually just like you.

I feel so spoiled attending Alt, the mingling with creatives, the amazing food, the constant swag and gifts, the photo booths, the parties, and the overall happiness. It always takes a couple of days to get over the high of Alt and realize that real life can be just as exciting *wink.

Pictures say it best, but a few highlights included cooking with Kelsey, meeting Danyelle & Randi, meeting the ladies of Umba, whom we've recently worked with and who so kindly featured our product in their most recent publication, attending mini-parties put together by friends, snapping a pic with Ben Silbermann of Pinterest, and bringing the little one for an afternoon and passing her around so that everyone could get their baby fix.

Hundreds of pictures with more detail of this year's Alt can be seen on the Alt Summit Flickr account. Besides the few phone photos I share here, photo credit goes to Justin Hackworth, and Brooke Dennis.

Hope to see you next year Alt!

A Bed for her Birthday

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Our little girl turned four years old this last week and knowing her birthday was upcoming, we realized it was time for her to graduate from her toddler bed to a twin bed. Steve assured me he would make a bed for her but knowing how busy he was already, I said I could find one. I spent day after day searching online but I couldn't ever quite find the style we were going for not to mention the most important aspect, something that would grow with her. So, I gave up for a while…and good thing I did because her birthday week arrived and somehow Steve miraculously had a bed to show for it.

This my friends is what our sweet little four year old received. I mean…it's better than our bed!

The cherry wood, rounded legs, simplicity, and leather book slots absolutely blew me away. It is beautiful and unique and perfect for not only a four year old, but a fourteen year old, or even a twenty four year old. I love that our daughter not only has the functional item she needed but that she is exposed to good design and something with a story behind it; something her daddy made.

Cozy Gift Guide // Swankaroo

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It's the last day of our Cozy Gift Guide favorites and we've got a good one for you!


These little packs are one of a kind. As we all know, it's quite difficult to find children's products, especially things like bags and backpacks that aren't covered in cartoons or obnoxious colors/patterns. We love that these backpacks are the perfect blend of child + sophistication. The combination of leather & designer fabric is just darling. I actually really wish they came in my size. You can definitely tell how cute they are from visiting Swankaroo [not to mention so many adorable designs frequently added] but I must mention that once you have one in your hands, you recognize the attention to craftsmanship and detail. We not only love the quality of the bag but the attention to the overall design including the unique clasp and drawstring. This little bag will be perfect for saturday outings, dance class, and neighborhood craft time. Thank you Swankaroo!

Paint My Pixie

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You've sent us custom camera requests and now we're leaving it up to you to show us what you want! We've teamed up with Ashley of and Brickyard Buffalo to bring you the Paint My Pixie coloring contest.

Here are the details //

1- Right click & save the above printable and print out.

2- Color the camera in a shade that you would like to see in the new year. If including pattern, color blocking preferred.

3- Take a picture of your finished drawing and share it on Instagram tagging us [@twig_creative] and using the hashtag #paintmypixie.

4- The contest closes the night of Wednesday December 11th and the winning design will be sold limited edition on Brickyard Buffalo in 2014!

*winning design will be something that Twig deems reasonable & executable.

**Special thanks to Ashley of for creating the rad printable for us. We recommend that you go buy any of her new books. We did and they're absolutely beautiful!

Cozy Gift Guide // Whistle & Flute

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Now that the Thanksgiving sales have passed, we can get back to our Cozy Gift Guide.

Our second to last sharing of our favorite cozy product is Whistle & Flute.

The thing that drew us to Whistle and Flute is that the designs are cool enough for dad, mom, toddler, and baby. Their couldn't be anything better than having a piece of clothing that is that go to item that not only screams comfort, but that is stylish, and best of all, unisex. Plus, it's pretty fun playing matchy matchy right? Our little girl loves to dress up and sharing a similar outfit with her is really cute.

We love the simple yet bold pieces, the classic black, white, grey, and of course the quality and softness of each piece. With our first snowfall here, we'll be nice and cozy in our new pullovers ---maybe more often than we should... Thanks to you Whistle and Flute!

Black Friday // Rockin' Holiday

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B L A C K +++++ F R I D A Y !

Today is big. We're ecstatic to not only share our black friday deal with you but to release our newest product, designed in collaboration with one of our style icons, Jennifer from A Merry Mishap.

We may be bias but these new rockers turned out absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention the brass lining on our new matte black or gray cameras.

So, happy black friday, take 20% off any camera in our shop using the code "rockinholiday" and visit our [@twig_creative] + AMM's [@amerrymishap] instagram feed for an amazing #rockinholiday giveaway.

[All images by Jennifer of AMM]

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